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Walking Frames
Wall Clocks
Wall Coverings For Interior Decoration
Wall Linings
Warehouse Shelves
Warehouse Storage Systems
Warehouses; Industrial And Exhibition Halls
Washing And Cleaning Agents For Motor Vehicles
Washing And Cleaning Agents; Environmentally Sound
Washing And Cleaning Agents; Liquid
Washing And Cleaning Powder
Washing Equipment For Small Parts Of Metal
Washing Machine Accessories And Spare Parts
Waste And Packaging Shredders
Waste Containers; Waste Baskets
Waste Disposal Systems And Equipment
Waste Incineration Plants
Waste Oil Reprocessing
Waste Shredders
Watch Batteries; Clock Batteries
Watch Bracelets Of Metal
Watch Straps Of Leather
Watchmakers; gold- and silversmiths; machinery and supplies
Water Analysis Instruments And Systems
Water Conditioning And Sewage Treatment
Water Filters
Water Purification Plants
Water Treatment Plants For Hotels And Restaurants
Water Treatment Plants For Production Waste Liquids
Water Treatment Plants; Mobile
Water Treatment Plants; Physical
Water Treatment Products
Water Turbines; Hydroturbines
Waterproofing Agents
Weapons Cases And Carriers
Wear-Resistant Rubber
Weaver's Business Equipment; Accessories For Weaving Machines
Weaving Yarns
Web Offset Printing Services
Weighing Plants
Welded Aluminium Structures
Welded Pipe Fittings
Welder's Accessories
Welding Cables
Welding Electrodes
Welding Machines And Appliances For Plastics
Welding Positioners; Holders For Automatic Welding Machines And Roller Brackets
Welding Shops For Plastics
Welding Supplies
Welding Wire
Wheat Flour
Wheel Balancing Machines
Wheel Balancing Weights
Wheels And Tyres For Baby Prams And Buggies
Wheels And Wheel-Sets
Wheels For Agricultural Machinery
Winders; Simple And Automatic Winders And Unwinders
Window And Door Fittings
Window Handles
Window Lifts For Vehicles
Window Lifts; Electric
Window Seals And Gaskets
Window Shutters Of Aluminium
Windows Of Aluminium And Plastics; Combined
Windows Of Wood And Aluminium; Combined
Windows Of Wood And Plastics; Combined
Windscreen Wipers
Wine Additives
Wine And Sparkling Wine Production Equipment
Wine Tanks
Wire Drawing Machines
Wire Drawing Tools
Wire Erosion Machines
Wire For Further Processing
Wire Knits For Pot Scourers
Wire Netting Machines
Wire Netting; Spot-Welded
Wire Ropes
Wire Working And Processing Machines
Wiring Systems
Wiring Work
Wood and Furniture
Wood and semi-finished products
Wood and semi-finished products. Building industry; articles and semi-finished products
Wood and semi-finished products. Building materials
Wood and semi-finished products. Furnishings and wood industry; machinery and supplies. Hobbies
Wood and semi-finished products. Packing and packaging articles
Wood and semi-finished products. Storage and handling; equipment and systems
Wood Boards; Solid
Wood Carvings
Wood Cuttings
Wood Fibre Boards; Hardboards
Wood Flour
Wood For Windows
Wood Screws Of Stainless Steel
Wood Surface Finishing
Wood Turning Lathes
Wood Wood and Furniture
Wood-Fibre Mats
Wooden Barrels
Wooden Beams
Wooden Components For Upholstered Furniture
Wooden Constructions
Wooden Flooring
Wooden Frames
Wooden Gift Articles
Wooden Houses
Wooden Packagings
Wooden Picture Frames
Wooden Stairs
Wooden Toys
Wooden Windows
Woodworking Machinery
Woodworking Machines And Installations; Used
Woodworking Plants; Turnkey
Wool And Woollen Blend Yarns
Woollen Fabrics
Woollen Goods
Woollen Rugs; Travel Blankets
Work Clothes
Workshop And Business Premise Equipment
Worktops For Laboratories
Worsted Yarns
Wound Components; Electronic
Woven Cotton Fabrics
Woven Labels
Wrapping Paper
Wrapping Paper With Advertising Text
Writing Paper
Wrought Iron Machines
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